Rilakkuma is a Japanese character created by San-x. He has his own shops in places such as Kichijoji and Tokyo.


Rilakkuma is a brown bear with a white patch around the center of his face and his chest.


Rilakkuma has a laid-back personality.

About RilakkumaEdit

Rilakkuma has been revealing his appearance since September 2003, turning into one of the ultimate "kawaii" brands for San-X. Other than his name basically meaning 'Relax Bear', and him originating as a character in a kids' storybook, there is very little information about him...however, we do know he loves dango rice, pancakes, omurice, and custard pudding, but could eat a variety of foods, based on the author's style. His friends are Korilakkuma (the white Rilakkuma-style bear) and Kiiroitori (the bright yellow chick).

Who is Rilakkuma?Edit

Rilakkuma is a mysterious character. He lives at Kaoru's house. Rilakkuma enjoys eating dango and other fruits. Rilakkuma is a costume that became a living being.

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